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Free Website Terms & Conditions Template

A websites terms & conditions, also known as T&C’s, terms of service (TOS or ToS) and terms of use (ToU) are a legal agreement that a user must abide by when browsing a website and utilizing the services that it provides. Terms & conditions can also come in the form of a simple disclaimer designed to limit the websites responsibility or legal liability for any damages or losses incurred during use.

A websites terms & conditions will generally cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • The permitted use of the website material and copyright works..
  • A legal disclaimer, limiting the scope of potential claims that a user may bring against you.
  • Rules regarding user content, such as the banning of offensive and explicit material.
  • A statement limiting the liability of the content found on external websites that have been linked to.

Do I need terms & conditions?

Unlike a privacy policy, terms & conditions are not a legal requirement on your website however it is still recommended that every website has one. Terms & conditions are designed to limit your liability in the event of a claim by one of your users. The courts will use your terms and conditions as a basis for assessing the validity of any potential complaint so it should still be considered a very important document.

Can I copy terms & conditions from another website?

A website’s terms & conditions, like any legal document, is subject to copyright protection and therefore should never be used without permission from the owner. Furthermore, the legal document itself may have been tailored to suit the specific needs of that website or service making it unfit for purpose.

How do you write terms & conditions for a website?

Without a law degree, writing the terms & conditions for your website from scratch would be a difficult task. It is easier and safer to start with a template. Templates are designed to cover a range of uses making them generic and appropriate for most websites.

Remember that your websites terms & conditions are designed to limit your liability in the event of a claim for damages by one of your users. Therefore it’s very important that you grant yourself the right level of protection within your own terms & conditions.