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Free Competition Terms & Conditions Template

If you’re running a promotion with prizes, you’ll need a set of Terms and Conditions that are simple to understand and easy to find. T&Cs do not have to be long and boring – in fact, it is better if they are as short and simple as possible!

Because there may not be much room to include full Terms and Conditions in your contest’s marketing material, having terms and conditions is essential. These are the terms and conditions that will assist a consumer in understanding the promotion and deciding whether or not to participate.

These terms and conditions should be included in the initial promotional materials:

  • The contest’s closing date and start date – include a time, and use 11.59pm rather than midnight, as midnight can be misunderstood as both the beginning and end of the day!
  • How to enter the contest
  • Details of the prizes that are up for grabs
  • Restrictions on entry (age and country of residence etc.)

Do I need terms and conditions to run a competition?

Yes. Every competition must have terms & conditions and these should be referred to in all your marketing materials.

A comprehensive set of terms and conditions for your competition is not only considered legal best practice but is often required by local licensing bodies and the social media platforms where they are often shared.

What should be included in a competition’s terms and conditions?

Your terms and conditions should include all relevant details relating to your contents, for example, who is eligible to enter, what the prize (or prizes) consists of, the contest’s time frame, and how winners will be chosen.

All competitions terms and conditions should include:

  • Any restriction on the number of entries. eg. Strictly one entry per person.
  • What should be included in competition terms & conditions?
  • The method by which the winner is chosen. For example, at random or judged.
  • If there is a cash alternative to the prize or if it can be transferred to someone else.
  • When will the winners receive their prizes?
  • When and how the winners will be notified Include a deadline for the winner to respond, such as ‘The winners will be notified via email within 7 days of the closing date and must respond within 14 days in order to claim their prize.’
  • Whether or not the contest winners will be used for publicity. If a promoter wishes to reveal the winner’s name and location, this must be specified in the terms and conditions.

How do you write terms and conditions for a competition?

The terms and conditions for your contest do not need to be complex, and you do not need to be a legal professional to write your own.

You can write your own terms and conditions using a simple template like the one provided by Easy Legal Docs. This provides all the essential terms, conditions and clauses that set out the official rules of your competition and can be adjusted to suit your own contest.

You can create your own terms and conditions online in minutes using our free online generator. Simply click ‘Generate Document’ to get started.