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Free General Affidavit Template

An affidavit is a voluntary iteration of facts by a deponent who has personal knowledge of the facts. It is signed in the presence of a person authorized by the state, to confirm the legitimacy of the statements made in the affidavit.

What purpose does an affidavit serve?

An affidavit serves the purpose of taking an oath. The information provided in the documents is taken as such unless they are proven otherwise. It provides legitimacy to the statement of the affiant.

What if wrong information is put in the affidavit?

The punishment for false affidavits varies depending on the jurisdiction. In the United States, under the law of perjury, if a person knowingly provides incorrect information on a sworn document, he or she may face up to five years of prison. There are various degrees of penalties in other jurisdictions, ranging from contempt of court to imprisonment.

Who can formulate an affidavit?

Affidavits are created by persons sanctioned by the state, called notaries, who keep the record of every affidavit made in their jurisdiction so that it can be proven in case of any contention.

How long is an affidavit valid for?

In general, there is no period of validity for an affidavit unless it is specifically stated in the affidavit.

How many parts does an affidavit contain?

Generally, there are four parts to an affidavit;

  • First, the affiant’s statement speaks to the truthfulness of the facts contained in the affidavit.
  • Second, the facts are stated.
  • Third, the signature of the affiant, and
  • Lastly, the attestation by the notary public.

How many types of affidavits are there?

There are two types of affidavits, judicial affidavits, and non-judicial affidavits. Judicial affidavits are used as an evidence in the courts, while non-judicial affidavits are used for commercial and administrative purposes.

Can an affidavit be canceled?

Generally, an affidavit is speaking to the truthfulness of the statements of facts made by the affiant, so it cannot be cancelled. Under the principle of estoppel, one should not be allowed to cancel an affidavit. However, it can vary from case to case, and if the statement later comes out not to be good, the courts may allow the person to cancel an affidavit.