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Free Smoking Policy Template

A smoking policy serves to protect all non-smoking employees from secondhand smoke without necessarily limiting the rights of such employees who smoke. It helps companies to maintain a clean working environment, to uphold a proper company image, and to prevent any potential fire accidents that may occur.

Smoking policies are common these days and are created to ensure that employees that choose to smoke are aware of the behavior that is deemed acceptable by the business.

Do I need a smoking policy?

In many states and countries, smoking is prohibited in enclosed public places and workplaces. It may be a legal requirement to have no-smoking signs in your premises and company vehicles. You must also ensure that employees and customers follow the rules.

Enforcing a smoking policy has clear benefits, including:

  • A healthier workforce
  • Reduced disputes between smokers and non-smokers
  • A cleaner workplace
  • A better company image

Therefore, it is in the interest of both the company and its employee to have a smoking policy in place.

Are electronic cigarettes covered by a smoking policy?

Most smoking policies also apply to the use of electronic cigarettes. However, this should be clearly specified within the policy itself. Many smoking policies were created before the introduction of electronic cigarettes and therefore do not cover the use of such devices.

How to write a smoking policy.

A smoking policy does not need to be extensive, but it is essential that any rules you implement are fair to both smokers and nonsmokers. You should include important information such as where smoking is permitted, when smokers can and cannot smoke and how your policy applies to vaping/e-cigarettes.

In order to write an effective smoking policy, start with a generic template such as ours and adapt it to your specific needs.