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Free Mobile Phone Policy Template

A Mobile Phone Policy is a set of rules and regulations either allowing or prohibiting mobile phone use at the workplace. Mobile phone policies are often enforced to ensure the safety of the employees and to avoid distractions whilst working.

Does a mobile phone policy also prohibit the use of a company mobile at work?

Most companies allow company mobile phones in the workplace only to monitor the work progress or take notes of tasks. Employees are expected to give their undivided attention to their work, due to which even company issued mobiles may only be allowed in limited circumstances.

Can an employee be fired for violating a mobile phone policy?

Every company has its own mobile phone policy and the rules outlined will vary. Employment law will also need to be considered which will vary between jurisdictions. In a non-hazardous environment, an employer would not be able to fire an employee merely on the pretext of violating mobile phone policy. Disciplinary action in the form of a verbal or written warning may be more appropriate. However, an employee can be fired where such a violation could endanger human life or cause heavy loss.

How do I create a mobile phone policy?

A mobile phone policy should be specific to the workplace where it is being enforced and therefore its contents will be tailored to suit the business’s needs. There are some key aspects that should be included in every mobile phone policy. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • It should be clear and readable
  • It should be displayed at the entrance or any clearly visible place where employees can read it
  • It should clearly state where and when to use or not use mobile phones
  • The policy must be in writing
  • It must specify to whom it is applicable

You can create your mobile phone policy for free using our simple template or create the document online using our online generator.

What can be considered a violation of mobile phone policy?

Some of the behaviors considered in violation of mobile phone policy are:

  • Excessive use of a mobile phone for personal reasons
  • Distracting colleagues
  • Distraction from work due to mobile use
  • Causing accidents at work due to using mobile phone

However, read your companies mobile phone policy carefully as each is unique, and the rules will vary.