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Free Cookie Policy Template

When you visit a website a file is saved to your device for tracking purposes and this file is called a cookie. It records the website’s name and gives it a unique ID so that your internet browser knows that you’ve been there before.

This can be useful for the functionality of a website providing the ability to keep you logged into your account, remember which items you’ve placed in your shopping basket or remember the preferences or settings you’ve chosen.

But cookies can also contain personal information that you may be unaware of including:

  • Account usernames and passwords
  • Email addresses
  • The duration of your visit
  • Which links you’re clicking on
  • The pages you’ve visited

What is a cookie policy?

A cookie policy is a statement or a legal document that specifies what kind of cookies and trackers a website uses. A cookie policy should include information about what the cookies are used for, how long they will stay on your device, and whether third-parties will have access to them.

The cookie policy should be easily accessible on the website so that users can be made aware of the cookies that are present and how their data will be used. A link to the policy should be included in the website’s footer. A cookie policy can also exist within its own section of a website’s privacy policy.

The cookie policy should be written in clear and concise language so that users can understand it easily. It should also be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it is up to date with the latest changes to the website cookie usage.

Do I need a cookies policy?

Yes! You are legally required by law in many jurisdictions, including the European GDPR and the Californian CCPA to have a cookie policy available to the visitors on your website. This can be as a standalone document or it can be included in its own section with your website’s privacy policy. Not only is it law but there can also be penalties for websites that do not comply.

What should be included in a cookie policy?

A cookies policy should include information about what cookies are, what they are used for, and how the website uses them. A cookie policy should also detail the user’s rights regarding cookies, such as the right to refuse them or the right to delete them.

A cookie policy should be clear and concise, and it should be easy for users to find. It should be located in a place where users will see it before they begin using the website. The policy should also be updated regularly to reflect any changes in the website’s use of cookies.

How do I write a cookie policy?

Writing a cookie policy is a complicated task that requires a good knowledge of both the technology behind cookies and the law surrounding them. It is quicker and more efficient to start with a cookie policy template. Templates are designed to be generic and cover a broad range of scenarios making the document universal and relevant for use on multiple websites.

You can start writing your cookies policy today by using our free cookie policy template or generate your own using our simple online cookie policy generator.