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Free Anti Slavery Policy Statement Template

An anti-slavery policy or statement defines any steps taken to reduce the risk of slavery inside a company and its supply chains. Anti-slavery policies were implemented in an effort to ensure that organizations and their supply chains are free of slavery.

Most an anti-slavery policies will cover the 6 key topics:

  • The structure of the organization and its supply chains
  • Other relevant policies concerning slavery and human trafficking
  • Any active processes of due diligence
  • The assessment and management of risks
  • Key performance indicators used to assess the effectiveness of any actions being taken
  • The training provided relating to modern slavery and human trafficking

Who needs an anti slavery policy?

Certain commercial organizations are required to issue a statement outlining the efforts they are taking to avoid modern slavery and human trafficking in their operations and supply networks.

Whether or not this is a legal requirement varies greatly and will depend on which country or state the company operates. You should get legal advice to determine if your organization is required to publish a modern slavery and human trafficking statement.

It is the responsibility of organizations to determine if the legislation applies to them in the state or country in which they operate.

Organizations are not expected to guarantee that all of their supply chains are free of slavery. Statements must, however, outline the efforts that the organization is taking to address modern slavery & human trafficking concerns in its supply chains and its own business.

Is this anti slavery policy appropriate for small businesses?

Our anti slavery policy statement is generic and is intended to be used by companies both big and small. You can adapt it to your specific needs or use it as a guide to write your own.

How do I write an anti slavery policy?

When writing an anti slavery policy there are some important aspect to include within the policy document. You should write about the structure of the organization and its supply chains. References should be made to any policies concerning slavery and human trafficking. Talk about your processes of due diligence and the assessment and management of risks. You should also mention any training that is offered to your employees and suppliers regarding modern slavery and human trafficking.

Writing an Anti Slavery Policy Statement from scratch is difficult task due to the complexity of the subject. You may want to start with a generic template such as the one provided by EasyLegalDocs which includes many important aspects of an effective anti slavery statement.