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Download free legal templates & documents for Word (.doc), Adobe (.pdf) or Google Docs. All documents are 100% free to download & print, even commercially.

Health and Safety Policy


A health and safety policy is a document that outlines a company's commitment to ...

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Cell Phone Policy


A cell phone policy is a set of rules that guide how mobile devices can be used a...

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Mobile Phone Policy


A mobile phone policy is a set of guidelines and rules that govern the use of mob...

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Pay Rise Agreement


Discover the essentials of crafting a Pay Rise Agreement with our easy-to-use, do...

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Boat Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale

Transferring ownership of a boat is a significant transaction, and having a prope...

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Rent Receipt


As a landlord or tenant, rent receipts play a crucial role in maintaining a trans...

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Advance Decision


Making an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment allows you to state your healthcar...

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General Affidavit


Affidavits may sound like a complex legal term, but they are more common and stra...

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