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Free Rent Increase Notice Template

A rent increase notice is a written notice from the landlord to the tenant informing the tenant that the landlord intends to raise the rent. Most countries, cities or states have laws requiring landlords to give notice before a rent increase, and some require that it be served on the tenant in writing.

How much notice does my landlord have to give me for a rent increase?

Before increasing rent, a landlord must always give a tenant enough notice. If you pay rent weekly or monthly, you should offer at least one month’s notice. In some jurisdictions, 6 months’ notice is required for an annual tenancy. 

Laws surrounding a tenants rights vary greatly from country to country or state to state so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the law in the country or state in which the notice is being served.

Can a landlord raise rent without notice?

Generally, a landlord must communicate with their tenant when trying to increase rent unless the two parties have an agreement in place enabling the landlord to increase rent without such notice.

How should I tell my tenant that I am raising the rent?

  • Keep in mind that you’re a business. If your company is losing money, it’s time to change the rent in order to keep it running.
  • Do some research to figure out what your rent is worth in the market.
  • Do not negotiate or ask tenants what a reasonable rent increase would be.
  • Always be polite and firm.
  • Send all comunication through certified/recorded mail.
  • Always give your tenant appropriate notice.
  • Know the law. Make sure that any rent increase you give does not violate any local country or state laws.
  • Consider including a clause in your agreement that allows for rent increases.

How do I write a notice to increase rent?

If you want to raise your tenants rent (assuming you’re allowed to, or there’s a clause in the contract that enables you to do so), you should send a letter by certified mail .The letter or notice should at least contain:

  • The name of the tenant.
  • The location of the property.
  • Name and contact details for the landlord.
  • The date the letter is written and the effective date of the rent increase.
  • Amount of the current rental and the amount of rent which it has increased to.
  • The date on which the new rent is due. provides you with a free template letter that you can use to notify your tenant of an increase in rent. Download it for free or use our online generator to create and customize your own rent increase notice.

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