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Free Late Rent Notice Template

A Late Rent Notice is a letter or email sent by the landlord or an agent of the landlord to notify the tenant that the rent is due and requests for immediate payment of the rent. A Late Rent Notice is often the first contact from a landlord when a tenant fails to pay their rent on time.

A Late Rent Notice is less official than an Eviction Notice and might be a polite first step in collecting rent before starting the eviction procedure.

The Landlord should send a Late Rent Notice as soon as the rent payment is past due, offering the Tenant the opportunity to rectify their failure to pay.

A Late Rent Notice is referred to by many names including:

  • Past Due Rent Notice
  • Notice to Pay Rent
  • Failure to Pay Rent Notice
  • Demand Notice for Nonpayment of Rent
  • Demand for Payment of Rent
  • Demand for Late Rent
  • Notice to Pay Rent

How do I ask for payment of overdue rent?

The most polite way to request payment is to do it before someone is late! A reminder about a forthcoming payment, rather than a request for a late payment, is always a more pleasant communication.

Once a payment is missed, the first step is to send a Late Rent Notice which is usually sent as a letter or in an email.

When should I send a Late Rent Notice?

You should send a Late Rent Notice to your tenant when:

  • Your renter is late with the rent, and you want to issue a written notice for payment, which may include late fees.
  • You want to emphasize to your tenant the necessity of making timely payments in the future.
  • You are considering eviction in the future if the rent continues to go unpaid, since a record of late payments will support your legal case.

How do I write a Late Rent Notice to a tenant for late rent?

Anyone can write a Late Rent Notice but there are some essential elements that should be included in your letter or email to a tenant. A typical Notice of Late payment will generally include:

  • The address and location of rental property
  • The amount of money the tenant currently owes to the Landlord
  • The late charge, if any, payable in addition to the rent
  • When the tenant must begin paying the new rent amount

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