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Document and article by on October 31, 2023 Written by Easy Legal Docs Editorial Team

In this article, we’ll explore the world of Copyright Notices – a straightforward way to protect your creative work. Plus, you can download a free extended copyright notice template to help you get started!

What is a Copyright Notice?

A Copyright Notice is a simple yet powerful statement that asserts your rights as a content creator. It lets the world know that the content on your website or publication is protected by copyright law. Here’s what a typical Copyright Notice looks like:

© [YEAR OF PUBLICATION] [WEBSITE NAME]. All rights reserved.

This notice serves as a clear declaration that you, the copyright holder, own the rights to the material displayed on your website or publication. It’s your way of saying, “This is my work, and I have exclusive rights to it.”

The Importance of Copyright Notices

Protecting Your Work

The primary purpose of a Copyright Notice is to safeguard your intellectual property. By displaying this notice prominently on your website or publication, you are informing others that they cannot use, reproduce, or distribute your content without your permission.

Legal Backbone

Should someone infringe upon your copyright, having a Copyright Notice in place strengthens your legal position. It acts as evidence that you took measures to protect your work and can be essential in a legal dispute.

What a Copyright Notice Allows and Restricts

Permitted Uses

While a Copyright Notice establishes your ownership, it also outlines what others can do with your content. In general, individuals can:

  • Personal Use: Users are allowed to copy your content for personal purposes, such as saving an article for later reading.
  • Educational Use: Teachers and students can use your content for educational purposes, but they must cite you as the source.
  • Government Use: Government entities may use your content for official purposes, respecting your ownership.

Prohibited Actions

On the flip side, a Copyright Notice specifies actions that are not allowed without your explicit permission. These include:

  • Commercial Use: Others cannot use your content for commercial purposes without your consent.
  • Distribution: It is forbidden to distribute or share your content in any form, including on other websites.
  • Modification: No one can alter, edit, or adapt your content without your prior written consent.

Enforcement and DMCA

Copyright Notices also play a role in enforcing your rights. If someone uses your content without permission, you can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice to have the infringing material removed. This is a legal process that helps protect your intellectual property online.

Create your own Copyright Notice: A Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Fill in the Year of Publication

Begin by inserting the year when your content was published or made available on your website. This is the copyright starting point that defines when your rights began.

Step 2: Add Your Website Name

In this section, enter the name of your website. This is the platform where your content is hosted and the entity that holds the copyright.

Step 3: Understand Your Rights

Take a moment to read and comprehend the “Statement/Declaration of Rights.” This section outlines your rights as the copyright holder and sets the guidelines for how others can use your content.

Step 4: Customize Your Copyright Notice

The template provides a basic structure, but you can tailor it to your specific needs. Ensure that the notice accurately reflects your content and your preferences for its use.

Step 5: Display the Copyright Notice

Once you’ve filled out the template, prominently display the Copyright Notice on your website or publication. This ensures that visitors and users are aware of your copyright and its terms.

Step 6: Monitor and Enforce

Regularly monitor your content for any unauthorized use. If you discover infringement, take appropriate action, such as sending DMCA takedown notices, to protect your rights.

By following these simple steps, you can create and use a Copyright Notice that safeguards your creative work and clarifies how others can interact with it while respecting your ownership.

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Copyright Notice Template

Below you can see a sample of the Copyright Notice template:

Template Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice FAQs

What is a copyright notice?

A copyright notice is a brief written statement that informs visitors about the copyright protection of your website and its content. A standard copyright notice will typically look like this: © 2020 EasyLegalDocs. All rights reserved. It is used to protect the original and creative works or content of web authors or owners.

Do I need a copyright notice?

Though the law does not mandate you to have a copyright notice, you should still have one. Ideally, when releasing content into the public domain, you should consider including a notice to indicate that you are the content owner or creator.

What should a copyright notice include?

A standard copyright notice should include the copyright symbol, the name of the copyright owner, copyright date and statement of rights. e.g. © 2020 EasyLegalDocs. All rights reserved. You may want to go further and elaborate more on licenses, permissions, and the contact address for permission requests, takedown notices, or abuse reports.

Where should a copyright notice be displayed?

There is no convention as to where a copyright notice should be displayed on the website. But a copyright notice is usually displayed within the website footer. This is to ensure that it is displayed on every single web page that is visited. So, every visitor can know that your web content is subject to copyright. The notice is often placed along side links to other important legal documents such as the website terms & conditions, cookie policy and privacy policy. In cases of mobile apps and the absence of a footer, you can place your copyright notice in the "about" section or "legal" menu.

How do I write a copyright notice?

Compared to other legal documents, the copyright notice is relatively easy to write. Writing a copyright notice should only take a few moments as it has just 4 major components, as earlier stated. You should seek help when creating a more comprehensive copyright notice that spells out the licenses and permissions, including policies regarding takedown notices and abuse reports for specific-purpose websites. You can get started right away with our comprehensive but concise copyright notice. You can download and edit our free template in Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe (.pdf) or in using your Google Docs account. All you have to do is answer just a few simple questions, and we will generate your copyright notice in seconds.

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