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Free Copyright Infringement Notice Template

A Copyright Infringement Notice is a written document that warns someone that they must stop using content that is copyrighted to another person.

Typically, the person who owns the copyright (or their agent or legal representative) writes the letter to the infringing party, demanding that they stop using the item by a specific date and threatening legal action if they do not comply.

The letter should be sent recorded mail and signed for on delivery with a request for a return receipt.

What Constitutes as Copyright Infringement?

Infringement of copyright occurs when someone takes either all of your work, or a substantial part of it, without permission. Copyright laws vary from country to country but generally it restricts what you can do with a copyright piece of work.

Restrictions in the case of a work of literature, theatre, or music:

  • Reproduction of the work in any material form, including electronic media
  • Public performance, communication, or distribution of copies of the work
  • Translation and adaptation of the work
  • Production of any cinematograph film or sound recording

In the instance of a computer game or software:

  • Any of the above actions
  • To sell or rent a computer software commercially

In the case of creative work:

  • To duplicate the work in any tangible form, including electronic storage
  • To show a three-dimensional work as two-dimensional and a two-dimensional work as three-dimensional

In the case of a movie/film:

  • To create a duplicate of the film, including a photograph, or to store it in any media
  • To sell or commercially rent any copy of the film
  • To convey the film to the public

In the case of audio recording:

  • To create any sound recording that includes the original work
  • To sell or rent a commercial copy of the sound recording

What should a Copyright Infringement Notice include?

A basic Infringement Notice should include:

  • The circumstances of the copyright infringement
  • A warning to stop the infringement
  • An order requiring the delivery or destruction of all infringing items
  • A demand that infringing behavior cease in the future
  • Threat of additional legal action should the receiving party not comply with the notice

How do I write a Copyright Infringement Notice?

A Copyright Infringement Notice is not a legal document, therefore you can write and send it without the assistance of a legal professional.

The letter’s sole aim is to serve as a warning that legal action may be taken if the infringement continues. Ideally, the violation will cease before you have to take legal action, which will save you time, money, and worry.

Start right away using our simple Copyright Infringement Notice which you can download and use for free.