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Free Travel Consent Form for Minors Template

Travel consent forms for minors provide permission for children to take a trip without being accompanied their parents or guardians.

Airlines, border control, and other organizations often require a consent form, which should include the child’s name, age, destination, and the name of the accompanying adult, as well as contact information for the parents or legal guardians.

To be valid, it may need to be notarized by a public notary.

What information should be included in a Travel Consent Form for Minors?

When it comes to minors travelling, a Travel Consent Form should contain comprehensive information about their journey plans and the adults who will be travelling with them.

The form should include the minor’s full name, where they’re going, when they’re travelling, and the contact data of the people they’re with. It should also consist of the guardian’s full name, address, and contact info.

Last but not least, the form must contain the legal guardian’s signature, allowing the minor to travel with the specified persons.

In summary, the form should include:

  • Name of the child, age, travelling dates, destination, and contact details of accompanying adult and parent/legal guardian
  • Details of any medical conditions, allergies, medication, and special needs
  • Duration of travel, mode of transport, and cost of trip
  • Signed by both parent/legal guardian and accompanying adult

Who is responsible for making sure the travel consent form is filled out correctly?

The person legally in charge of the child is responsible for making sure the travel consent form is filled out the right way. If the child is flying alone then the form must be signed off by both custodial guardians.

It is vital that the form is completed correctly, since the document is giving consent for the minor to travel without an adult.

How do I write a Travel Consent Form for minors using a template?

Creating a Travel Consent Form for minors with a template like this one is a great way to make sure all the important info is included. But it is also important to make sure it’s suitable for the airline or transport provider. Also, both guardians need to sign it.

In some cases, you may need to attach proof, like photocopies of passports, or even a letter from the parent not coming on the trip.

Don’t know what to do? Then you should check with the trip organizer who will advise you on what is required and will often provide you with a copy of their own child consent form.