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Document and article by on March 10, 2024 Written by Easy Legal Docs Editorial Team

In today’s business world, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process is paramount. With the increasing demand for talent and the competitive nature of recruitment, companies must possess the necessary tools to gather vital information about new employees.

One such indispensable tool is the Employee Joining Form. Let’s look deeper into its importance and discover why businesses, regardless of size or industry, should make it an integral part of their hiring procedures.

What is the Employee Joining Form?

The Employee Joining Form is a document that gathers various personal, educational, and professional information about someone who will start working for a company. It collects basic details like name and gender, as well as more in-depth information such as education and work history.

For businesses, it functions as a single source of essential data about a new joiner, negating the need to scramble through multiple documents or databases.

Who Should Use this Form?

Employee Joining Forms aren’t exclusive to large corporations.

  • Start-ups and SMEs: These businesses, in their growth phase, can benefit immensely from structured onboarding. The form can save time, ensuring that founders and managers can focus on core business operations.
  • HR Departments: HR professionals, tasked with the onus of seamless onboarding, will find this form a godsend. It streamlines data entry, verification, and integration processes.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Often, recruitment agencies facilitate the initial joining processes for companies. Having a standard form ensures they gather all necessary information, streamlining their client’s onboarding procedures.

Key Benefits of the Employee Joining Form

The Employee Joining Form isn’t just a simple document—it’s a tool that brings multiple benefits to the table. Some of these are:

Streamlined Processes

Say goodbye to scattered documents and fragmented data. This form centralizes information, making processes faster and less prone to errors.

Efficient Communication

Having all necessary details in one place ensures departments, from IT to HR, can swiftly set up systems and tools for new employees without any communication hitches.

Compliance Assurance

With the declaration segment, companies have a written record from employees affirming the accuracy of their details, protecting against potential disputes or discrepancies.

Immediate Accessibility

For HR and management, the form acts as a quick reference. Whether it’s for performance reviews or emergency situations, the required data is just a glance away.

Incorporating this form into your onboarding routine not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the overall experience for new team members.

Using the Employee Joining Form: An Employer’s Guide

Navigating the intricacies of the Employee Joining Form might initially appear complex, but its structured layout is tailored to simplify the onboarding process for your HR team.

Starting with the Personal Information section allows you to gather foundational data about your new hire. It’s essential to ensure that the information aligns with official records, ensuring authenticity right from the start.

The Contact Information segment is pivotal. It’s not just about knowing where your employee lives; it’s about establishing clear communication lines. Encouraging accuracy in this section ensures smooth correspondence, from initial welcome emails to any critical communication down the line.

The Emergency Contact segment is vital for your HR and administrative teams. In unforeseen circumstances, having a verified emergency contact for each employee can be invaluable. Ensure your team emphasizes the importance of this section to the new hire.

Diving into the Job Information section, your HR team gets a quick overview of the new hire’s role, the department they’ll be a part of, and their reporting structure. This information aids in inter-departmental coordination.

The Education Information segment helps in verifying academic credentials, ensuring your new hire’s qualifications align with what was presented during the hiring process.

In the Previous Employment section, you gain insight into your new employee’s professional journey. This information can often aid in understanding their skill set and experiences, facilitating better role allocation and team integrations.

Banking Information is all about ensuring timely compensation. Having a streamlined process to collect this data ensures that your finance department faces no hiccups in setting up payroll for the new entrant.

The References section, while often overlooked, can be a gold mine. It gives you a chance to validate the new hire’s claims and get feedback from industry peers or past employers.

Lastly, the Declaration is the employee’s affirmation of the authenticity of the details provided. It’s a safeguard, ensuring that the data you have is both accurate and acknowledged by the employee.

In essence, the Employee Joining Form is a strategic tool. Beyond just collecting data, it provides a structured approach to onboarding, laying the foundation for a productive employer-employee relationship.

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Employee Joining Form Template

Below you can see a sample of the Employee Joining Form template:

Template Employee Joining Form

Employee Joining Form FAQs

What is an Employee Joining Form?

An Employee Joining Form is an essential document used by companies during the recruitment process. It is filled out by a new hire to provide personal, educational, employment history, and banking information. This form aids HR in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all employees.

Is the form mandatory for every new employee?

While it's not necessarily mandatory, it's highly recommended for organizations to have every new employee fill out the form. It ensures that all pertinent information is collected systematically and is readily available when needed.

How is the Employee Joining Form different from a resume or CV?

A resume or CV is a document provided by the candidate during the hiring process, focusing on their qualifications and work experience. The Employee Joining Form, on the other hand, is a standardized document that collects comprehensive data, including personal details, emergency contacts, and banking information, ensuring uniformity in records.

How do we ensure the privacy of the data collected through this form?

It's crucial to store the Employee Joining Form securely, granting access only to relevant personnel. Many organizations also have data protection policies in place and use secure systems to protect employees' sensitive information.

Why is there a need to collect emergency contact information?

Collecting emergency contact information ensures that the organization can swiftly get in touch with a designated individual in case of any unforeseen incidents involving the employee, such as medical emergencies.

Can the form be customized to suit our company's specific needs?

Absolutely. While the provided template is comprehensive, it's designed with customization in mind. Depending on the industry or specific organizational requirements, you can add or modify sections as needed using your preferred word processing software.

Do employees have the right to access their form once filled?

Typically, yes. Employees should be allowed to access and review their data for accuracy and updates. This also aligns with many data protection laws that grant individuals the right to view personal information held by organizations.

Are there any sections in the form that can be considered optional?

While the template provided covers a broad range of essential details, some sections might be more relevant than others based on the nature of your organization. For instance, while banking details are crucial for payroll, they might be less relevant for unpaid interns. However, it's crucial to assess the importance of each section in the context of your company's operations and requirements.

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