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Free Website Disclaimer Template

A website disclaimer is an official statement or notice that sets forth the general guidelines, limitations, disclosures, and terms of use of your website. It discloses the limitation of liability regarding your website’s content and use and renounces any implied warranties or representations thereof.

It serves as a warning sign that notifies site visitors or users that you or your company will not be held liable for losses or damages suffered from the use of information or content on your website. This content may also include any offered services or products on your website.

A website disclaimer may include any or a combination of the following components:

  • Website name and URL
  • No liability
  • Warranties
  • External links
  • Professional advice
  • Affiliate operations
  • Testimonials
  • Amendments and Modifications
  • Consent

Do I need a website disclaimer?

A website disclaimer can help protect your company, business, or brand against legal liability. It gives you added legal protection against claims regarding the use of your website’s products or services.

Having a website disclaimer could provide you with the legal backing you need to make a strong defense against a lawsuit and protect your online services or products. It includes a clause that the site visitor or user consents to assume all applicable risks associated with the site’s use. Even if it does not prevent someone from bringing an action against you, it limits your liability.

You should have a website disclaimer, especially if your site offers:

  • Information services
  • Affiliate services
  • Professional services
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Medical and health services
  • Products sales and manufacturing

Or if your site relies on:

  • Testimonials
  • External links
  • Third-party contributors
  • Sponsored posts

Where should a website disclaimer be placed?

Though a website disclaimer can be placed in several locations on your site, you should have a separate web page to display your disclaimer statement.

You may have seen some websites combining their disclaimers within their terms and conditions since site visitors agree to these by default when they browse your website. While this approach may be acceptable, it is not necessarily advisable. The location of disclaimers must be prominent and easily accessible.

The idea of having a separate policy page for your disclaimer is to make things easier by ensuring visitors and users see and understand your website disclaimer. You should include a hyperlink to the disclaimer page within your menu or homepage footer. This link can also be placed beside your website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy as they often overlap.

When the use of a disclaimer is of high importance, you can create a pop-up to display your website disclaimer to site visitors requesting their consent before continuing to use your site.

How do I write a website disclaimer?

How you write your disclaimer and what to include in it depends on your website’s content or use. You can choose to include all or a combination of clauses depending on the scope of limited liability and the site’s purpose.

Your website disclaimer should be written in concise and clear language. And you can divide your disclaimer into clause sections to make it more visible and accessible to site visitors and users.

While it might seem easy to write a website disclaimer, you still need that extra help to get started with the relevant clauses and avoid costly errors. Our website disclaimer template makes things easy as you can download, edit, and customize to suit your preferences. At Easy Legal Docs, our template is free and available for download in Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe (.pdf). You can also copy on your Google Docs account or print an online copy directly from your browser.

All you have to do is answer just a few simple questions, and we will generate your website disclaimer agreement in a few minutes.

Remember that every website should have a disclaimer. So get yours today!