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Free Landscaping Contract Template

A landscaping contract is a legal agreement between a landscaping service provider (the contractor) and a customer (the client) for the provision of landscaping services.

The contract outlines the terms and conditions of the landscaping services, including the scope of the project, the price of the services, and the timeline for completion. It also outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both the contractor and the client.

It should also include a description of the work to be done, the materials to be used, any warranties or guarantees, and the payment terms.

Finally, the contract should be signed by both parties to ensure that all parties are in agreement and understand the terms and conditions of the contract.

What services does the Landscaping Contract cover?

This landscaping agreement allows you to list the services required by the client in the Landscaping Services section.

This section should include all tasks and services that need to be performed and provide a clear description of the work to be done.

This includes the size of the area to be landscaped, any special materials or equipment that may be needed and any other relevant details.

We have included a few examples within the document to get you started:

  • Design and plan landscaping areas for the Client’s property
  • Provide and install plants, trees, shrubs, and other materials
  • Mow, trim, and aerate lawns
  • Provide pest and weed control services
  • Remove and dispose of any debris or unwanted materials from the Client’s property

You can add or amend this list to suit your needs.

How long is the agreement valid for?

By default, this contract continues indefinitely until cancelled by either party. You change this by defining the length of the contract in the Schedule of Services section. For example, for a fixed one-time project you can specify a start and end date.

You can also include provisions for renewal, such as automatically renewing the contract for a set period of time unless one party provides written notice of termination.

For a fixed project, be sure to amend the Payments section to include a fixed fee for the completion of the project.

What is the payment terms?

This contract assumes that the landscaper will be working at a fixed hourly rate or a fixed daily fee. If this is a one-time project, you can amend the Payments section to include a fixed fee.

e.g. The contractor will receive a fixed sum of $/£/€ X.XX for the completion of the works as outline within this Contract.

Are there any cancellation fees or penalties associated with the agreement?

The Landscaping Contract may be terminated, without fee, by either the Client or the Landscaper for any reason with 14 days’ written notice.

Both parties must be notified at least 14 days before the desired termination date, and the other party must acknowledge and accept the termination before it becomes effective.

You can amend these terms under the Schedule of Services.

Are there any warranties or guarantees?

The contract includes a generic clause stating that the Landscaper agrees to carry out the services in a professional manner, as per the Schedule of Services, complying with all local, city, state, and federal regulations, particularly zoning and health and safety regulations.