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Free Landscaping Contract Template

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Document and article by on November 24, 2023 Written by Easy Legal Docs Editorial Team

This article offers a guide on landscaping contracts, complete with a downloadable template to help you get started. Learn the essentials of these contracts to ensure a smooth and transparent landscaping project.

What is a Landscaping Contract?

A landscaping contract is a written agreement between a homeowner and a landscaping company specifying the terms and conditions of the services to be provided.

Having a well-drafted landscaping contract in place before work begins sets expectations, prevents misunderstandings, and provides legal recourse if problems arise. It’s an essential part of any home landscaping project, whether for routine maintenance or a major landscaping renovation.

Key Elements of Landscaping Contracts

When hiring a landscaping company for yard work or outdoor projects, it’s important to have a written contract. Landscaping contracts protect both homeowners and contractors by spelling out the details of the job. Here are some key elements to include:

Scope of Work

The contract should clearly define the scope of work. Be as specific as possible in describing the tasks, including things like:

  • Lawn mowing frequency
  • Edging and trimming specifics
  • Planting bed maintenance
  • Irrigation system repairs

Having clear expectations upfront prevents confusion and disputes later.


Specify the party responsible for providing materials necessary for the job. This includes determining whether the homeowner or the contractor will supply items such as plants and fertilizer. Additionally, provide a comprehensive list of all materials, accompanied by their agreed-upon prices.


Include start and end dates as well as an estimated timeline for completing major phases of the project. This helps keep the work on schedule.


Provide pricing for all services, materials and labor. Pricing can be done as a flat rate for the entire project or broken down by the hour. Make sure the final price and payment terms are clear.


Reputable landscaping companies carry liability insurance, workers compensation and auto insurance. Require proof of adequate coverage. This protects the homeowner in case of damage or injury during the project.


Find out if the contractor will pull necessary permits for the job. Permits ensure work meets local codes and standards.

Clean Up

It’s a good idea to specify in the contract that the contractor will remove all debris and leave the site clean when finished. This prevents unexpected hassles for the homeowner.

Finalizing the Landscaping Contract

Once you and the landscaping company or client agree on all contract details, follow these final steps:

  • Have an attorney review the document before signing, if desired.
  • Make sure all outlined prices, dates, and inclusions align with prior discussions.
  • Designate authorized representatives from both sides to sign the contract.
  • Exchange signed copies so each party has an original record.
  • Revisit the scope and schedule as needed when work begins to keep projects running smoothly.

Investing the time upfront to nail down a comprehensive landscaping contract helps set clear expectations and prevent misunderstandings. This allows all parties to feel confident as you transform your property into an attractive, functional outdoor environment you can enjoy for years to come.

Using the Free Landscaping Contract Template

Step 1: Complete Basic Information

Fill out the [DATE OF SIGNING], [LANDSCAPER NAME], [LANDSCAPER ADDRESS], and [CLIENT NAME]. This identifies the parties and the contract’s effective date.

Step 2: Define Services and Schedule

List the specific landscaping services in the ‘Landscaping Services’ section. In ‘Schedule of Services’, insert the [START DATE] and select the service frequency (weekly/monthly).

Step 3: Agree on Payment and Modifications

In the ‘Payments’ section, specify the rate in [HOURLY OR DAILY RATE]. Under ‘Modifications’, agree on the process for any changes to services and acknowledge potential cost implications.

Step 4: Review and Sign

Carefully review all sections, including ‘Insurance’, ‘Liability Waiver’, and legal clauses. Both the landscaper and client should then sign and date the contract, ensuring all details are correct and understood.

Step 5: Distribute Contract Copies

Ensure both parties receive a copy of the signed contract for their records. Confirm there are no blank spaces and that all information is accurate.

This simplified guide facilitates a clear and efficient process for using the landscaping contract template, creating a legally sound agreement with all necessary details covered.

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Landscaping Contract Template

Below you can see a sample of the Landscaping Contract template:

Template Landscaping Contract

Landscaping Contract FAQs

What is a Landscaping Contract?

A Landscaping Contract is a legal agreement between a client and a landscaper that outlines the services, schedule, payments, and other terms of landscaping work to be performed.

Why is a Landscaping Contract important?

A contract is crucial for setting clear expectations, ensuring legal protection, and managing financial transactions. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings and disputes between the client and the landscaper.

What should be included in a Landscaping Contract?

A comprehensive contract should include details such as services to be provided, project duration, payment terms, materials and labor, modifications process, warranty, and termination clauses.

How do I use the provided Landscaping Contract template?

Fill in the template with relevant details like names, addresses, services, payment terms, and start dates. Review all sections, agree on terms with the landscaper, and then sign and distribute copies.

Can I modify the template to suit my specific needs?

Yes, the template is designed to be customizable. You can add, remove, or modify sections to tailor it to the specific requirements of your landscaping project.

How do I handle payment terms in the contract?

Specify the payment rate (hourly or daily), frequency of invoicing, and due dates for payments in the contract. Ensure both parties agree to these terms before signing.

Is a Landscaping Contract legally binding?

Yes, when signed by both parties, a landscaping contract is a legally binding document. It can be enforced by law if one party fails to meet the agreed terms.

What if I don’t understand part of the contract?

If there’s any part of the contract you don’t understand, it’s advisable to consult with a legal professional. It's important that both parties fully understand and agree to the terms before signing.

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