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Free Boat Bill of Sale Template

A Boat Bill of Sale, also known as a boat sale receipt or a boat purchase and sale agreement, is a document that transfers ownership of a given boat from a seller to a buyer. The contract holds legal value showing that the seller has transferred the right in the boat to the buyer. The Bill of Sale should be in both parties’ records as it can be beneficial in case of any dispute.

Does a Boat Bill of Sale need to be notarized?

No, there is no legal requirement to notarize a Boat Bill of Sale in most jurisdictions. However, if you want to add another layer of protection for your sale or purchase, you can always notarize it, which will certify the sale.

Why do we need a Boat Bill of Sale?

A Boat Bill of Sale provides all the information about the boat, the seller, and the buyer and can be used as proof of ownership for the buyer. The document is necessary for registering the boat, and it can be helpful in tax calculations.

What should be included in a Boat Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale purchase and sale agreement should state the name of both the buyer and seller and the sum paid to transfer ownership. You should also include as many details as possible about the boat itself including:

  • Manufacturer of the boat
  • Model of the boat
  • Year
  • Hull ID
  • Odometer reading

Do I need an inspection of the boat before selling it?

In some countries, the law requires a used boat to go through a safety inspection before it is transferred to the new owner. This way, it ensures that the boat is in good condition and is safe to operate. Usually, the inspection is performed by repair shops and there may be government inspection authorities, which issue safety certificates after inspection.

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