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Free Pay Rise Agreement Template

A pay rise agreement is a document stipulating the change/revised salary and any new conditions attached to the latest salary from the employer to the employee.

Can an Employee ask for a pay raise?

Usually, employers revise the salaries of their employees annually or bi-annually. However, if the salary has not been revised for a long time or is contrary to the employment agreement, an employee can ask for a raise through an email or in a meeting with the employer.

Is a new contract necessary for a pay rise?

Any change in the employer and employee relationship should be made through a new contract to avoid ambiguity or bring the pay rise on the official record. The agreement may also be in the form of a pay rise letter.

Can an Employee refuse a pay rise?

Although it is not a common, an employee can decline a pay rise. There may be a number of reasons for refusal, this should be clearly communicated with your employer.

Can I share details of a pay rise with my colleagues?

Most of the time, company policy prohibits sharing details of your salary or any salary changes. Before you take any such action, you must look through your employment agreement. Even if there is no such prohibition, it is generally not a good idea to discuss pay with fellow employees.

What should I look for in a pay rise agreement?

When you receive a pay rise agreement, you should read it carefully as it should detail any changes to your contract of employment. Look for the following items before signing the agreement.

  • The revised salary or any bonuses
  • The effective date of the revised salary
  • Any changes to the original employment agreement’s terms and conditions
  • Any new deductions or remittances