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Free Cleaning Service Agreement Template

A Cleaning Service Agreement is a contract outlining the terms agreed upon between a cleaning service provider and a client. It defines the specifics of the cleaning services to be rendered, as well as the conditions under which the services will be provided.

For a cleaning company, it is an essential tool to ensure that both the client’s and their own expectations are met throughout the term of the agreement.

From a client’s perspective, having a clear and detailed Cleaning Service Agreement is advantageous as it provides legal protection.

To help you create a comprehensive agreement, we have provided a free downloadable Cleaning Service Agreement template for your convenience.

Definition and Overview

The Cleaning Service Agreement is a legal document that essentially defines the relationship between the service provider and the client. It encompasses a spectrum of details ranging from the type of services being offered and their frequency to the method and schedule of payment.

Purpose of a Cleaning Service Agreement

This agreement’s principal function is to clarify expectations for both parties and prevent misunderstandings. It establishes a framework of obligations and responsibilities that each party is expected to uphold, promoting transparency and professionalism in the business relationship.

Key Components of a Cleaning Service Agreement

A Cleaning Service Agreement is a vital document that specifies the terms under which a cleaning company will operate. Standard components include terms and conditions, services provided, and payment details.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions segment outlines the guidelines and rules governing the agreement. It typically includes the service provider’s limitations and any waivers of liability clauses. These conditions may be grouped under different sub-headings for easier reference, such as Cancellation Policies, including fees assessed for late cancellations or rescheduling, and Add-on Services, describing services above and beyond standard packages provided by the cleaning company.

Scope of Services

The Scope of Services part details what tasks the cleaning company will perform. It is essential as it sets clear expectations and responsibilities. This segment often includes:

  • Standard Cleaning Duties : A list of regular cleaning services like sweeping, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing.
  • Optional Services : Additional services that can be provided upon request, such as cleaning out a refrigerator or interior window cleaning.

Pricing and Payment Details

Clarity is the cornerstone of the Pricing and Payment Details section. Both the service provider and the client should fully understand how they are to be compensated. This section typically contains:

  • Pricing Structure : A breakdown of the cost per cleaning, payment frequency (like hourly or per visit), and any fees for enhancements or specialized cleanings.
  • Payment Terms : When payment is due, along with information on acceptable payment methods.

Benefits of Having a Cleaning Service Agreement

A Cleaning Service Agreement offers several advantages to both clients and service providers. Clarity and expectations are set, legal protection is ensured, and dispute resolution is simplified through this formalized contract.

Clarity and Expectations

By providing a clear Scope of Work , a Cleaning Service Agreement eliminates the guesswork in defining what services will be offered. Clients can specify their needs, and service providers can establish the extent of their offerings. The agreement also outlines the schedule of services, ensuring mutual understanding of when the services will be provided.

Legal Protection

The formalization of a business relationship through a Cleaning Service Agreement offers legal protection to both parties. In the agreement, client and provider responsibilities are clearly defined, making it difficult for either party to claim ignorance in case of a dispute. Provisions for damage liability and insurance coverage may further enhance this protection.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a disagreement, a Cleaning Service Agreement streamlines the dispute resolution process. It often includes steps or scenarios for dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, which can save both parties considerable time and money by avoiding legal proceedings. Having a structured protocol ensures that minor misunderstandings are likely to be settled effectively.

How to Draft a Cleaning Service Agreement

When crafting a Cleaning Service Agreement , individuals should focus on including key elements that clearly define the services offered, the terms of payment, and other important clauses. Seeking professional help and customizing for specific needs ensure the agreement is comprehensive and suits the unique circumstances of both parties.

Seeking Professional Help

Before beginning, it is pivotal to align with a legal professional who is familiar with service agreements. Legal experts provide guidance and ensure that all required sections are included, meeting state laws and specific industry regulations. Cleaners and prospective clients can turn to law firms specializing in service agreements or even utilize online legal services that offer standardized agreement templates to start.

  • Verification of Local Regulations : Legal professionals can confirm that the agreement fulfills the necessary legal requirements according to the local jurisdiction.
  • Comprehensive Legal Review : An attorney can conduct a review to ensure the agreement is clear, balanced, and fair to both parties, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

Customization for Specific Needs

The template provided by professionals or online legal services should be customized to fit the specific requirements of the cleaning service and the client. A generic agreement may not cover all the services offered or the unique pricing structure.

  • Detailed Service Descriptions : Clearly outline the services to be provided, including specific tasks, frequency of cleaning, and any add-on offerings.
  • Terms and Conditions Flexibility : Modify the terms and conditions to reflect both standard industry practices and the unique needs of the business and the client.

After the customization process, it is crucial for both the cleaning service and the client to review the agreement thoroughly. Seeking feedback from the legal professional who assisted in the customization phase can ensure that both parties are adequately protected.

Remember, the goal of the Cleaning Service Agreement is to establish a clear and legally binding set of terms between parties. Both the document’s clarity and its ability to address the specific needs of the cleaning engagement are vital to its effectiveness.

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Cleaning Service Agreement Template

Below you can see a sample of the Cleaning Service Agreement template:

Template Cleaning Service Agreement

Cleaning Service Agreement FAQs

What is a cleaning service agreement?

A cleaning service agreement is a contract between a homeowner or business owner and a professional cleaning service. The agreement outlines the terms of the cleaning services to be provided, as well as the price, frequency, and duration of the services. A cleaning service agreement can be customized to fit the specific needs of the customer and the cleaning service.

What kind of cleaning services are included in a cleaning service agreement?

Typical services include vacuum and mop floors, dusting, clean windows, clean dishes, laundry, clean bathroom as well as any other related cleaning services which the client directs.

Do I need a cleaning service agreement?

A cleaning service agreement can be beneficial for both the property owner and the cleaning service. For the property owner, it can provide peace of mind knowing that the property will be cleaned according to their standards. For the cleaning service, it can provide a consistent source of income.

How do I write a cleaning service agreement?

If you're looking to hire a cleaner, you can use a template to create your cleaning service agreement. There are many free template agreements online like the one provided by EasyLegalDocs.

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